Darien Waterfront Park & Docks

If you are visiting Darien and need a great way to spend a leisurely afternoon, consider the Darien Waterfront Park. This beautiful, lush gathering spot is located on the Darien River east of the Highway 17/99 bridge. You'll see all kinds of people at this popular attraction including fellow tourists, photographers, and local artists who come to paint the landscape of the area.

Along with the park, the area is home to the local Darien shrimp boat fleet, so it's a great place to sightsee and catch a glimpse of the local shrimpers at work. The pavilion and dock are also ideal spots for casting out a line to see what local catch you can bring in yourself.
Charming public park

History, Docks & a Playground

The park is perfect for families to spend an afternoon and suitable for children of all ages. Spend some time at the fun playground area and bring a lunch to sit at one of their picnic tables overlooking the Darien River.

Historically, the Waterfront Park area was once the site of the busiest seaport on the Southeastern seaboard. Ships would continuously come in and out of the port to pick up cargoes of lumber harvested in the surrounding areas and bound for Europe. 

Blessing of the Fleet Festival

Darien's largest annual festival, The Blessing of the Fleet, is held here every April to honor the shrimping industry in Darien. It's a full-fledged local event with a street parade, craft vendors, food booths and more. Don't miss the fireworks at dark if you are in the area!

Admission to Waterfront Park is free and open year round. If interested, you can even take a self-guided tour of the area. One handy tip to remember is to spray yourself with bug spray before you set out for the day!

We hope you enjoy your visit there. Be sure to tell us all about it.

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Image may be subject to copyright
Shrimp boats! Great vantage point along the waterfront. Spray with bug spray before you set out! And amble down the boardwalk to Skippers Fish Camp for supper.
Mary Ann R
We saw a woman doing painting a landscape, several people walking their dogs, a mural, and a number of boats on our visit. It is a really nice little park.
We were heading to dinner and decided to check out the waterfront afterwards since it was right there. Being only March , there were no outdoor activities going on at the time. It is set up for outdoor activities though. There are stands to sit in and a gazebo for any kind of activity.
Robin V
Very picturesque waterfront location. Come early morning or at sunset to get best images of the shrimp boats at dock.
Darien is indescribable with words. She can only be experienced by wandering her majestic simplicity of back road moss covered live oak swaying gently in a summer breeze. Simple, free, breathless, embracing, incredible.